Logical Volume Manager (LVM) history

1989年,LVM最早出现IBM AIX 3.0 (Early Access),[1] 可查询到的资料中未直接写明由IBM开发。
1991年,LVM出现在Open Software Foundation的OSF/1(UNIX分支)中。[1]
1992年,LVM出现在HP-UX 9.0中。[2]

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote the original LVM code in 1998, taking its primary design guidelines from the HP-UX’s volume manager.[3]

the Linux LVM implementation is similar to the HP-UX LVM implementation.[1]

OSF 的成员包括Apollo, Dec, HP, IBM.[4]

I started in beginning 94 to take care of a 855s running HP-UX 8.XX but I was a real novice from developpemnt with no knowledge of administration or system engineering (No access to forums and was alone…).


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